Mickim Games News

Press Release: NimNims is now available on the Apple App Store.

ZEVENBERGSCHEN HOEK - May 13, 2020 - Mickim Games Ltd., an independent game developer founded by two Dutch industry veterans, today announced the worldwide release of their freemium game NimNims, bringing a brand new gaming experience to the popular match-3 puzzle game genre. Available for Apple smartphones and tablets.

NimNims introduces a completely new way of playing match-3 games. The player can not only swap, but also move, drag and place any falling or fallen NimNim to make or prepare combinations. No need to wait for your action to finish, just keep playing !

Experience its unparalleled flexible and dynamic gameplay in a journey through lots of puzzle and arcade levels in multiple themes, each introducing a new set of NimNims to play with. The NimNims are fully animated and interactive. They respond to the player and their own actions by showing various emotions, making it a lot of fun to play.

Create powerful power-ups, use to combi-meter with its score multiplier to create mega scores, use boosters to help you get through the harder levels and connect with your friends using Facebook to help each other and compete.

NimNims is now available for FREE worldwide, in several languages on the Apple App Store.